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December 14

Grade I pupils

The advisory class of Mrs. Francisca M. Dinoy enjoyed a lot in using the Multipoint last Friday. Mrs. Dinoy or Ma’am France as I usually call her is teaching grade 1 pupils.


I will just post their pictures later on.

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July 15


In my Hekasi VI class this afternoon, our principal, Mrs. Ofelia J. Vinluan observed my class. I was not able to start away the class because when I let my pupils move their mice, some of the mice were not working. Others worked at first, then, few seconds or minutes passed the mice turned off even if the hub was not disconnected from the main hub.

I thought that the mice just hung up. So, I disconnected the mice from the hub for a while. After few minutes, I connected them again. When I connected those mice, other mice did not work. So I disconnected the main hub from the CPU.

I was able to partially fix the problem since some of the mice did not really work.

Yesterday, my co-teacher demonstrated in Science class with the use of Multipoint. She encountered a problem, too. At the beginning, the application did not wok. I helped her in fixing the problem. It took us about 10-15 minutes to solve the problem.

Last week, all of the mice were working well.

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May 18

With Windows Multipoint…Ganito kami sa JRAES

With Windows Multipoint…Ganito kami sa JRAES May 16, 2009

Posted by Cherrie in Windows Multipoint.


The other night I browsed in the net about “Windows Multipoint”. I wanted to update myself about it since our school (Jolencio R. Alberca ES or JRAES)l is a pilot one here in Mindanao. I found a blog there of the Worldwide Director  of the Primary/Secondary Teacher Programs of the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Group. She is Ma’am Tracy Immel. It caught my attention since she was able to visit our school last December. Imagine! She flew from USA to the Philippines just to conduct a study about this new project. Here in the Philippines, it is popularized as “Windows Turu-turo”.

As I opened this site,    , I went over the pictures and the articles. One picture there was of my Grade VI pupils who were wearing a school uniform. The title of the article is this, “Affordable Computing Alternatives to Transform Classroom Education“.  Below the picture of my pupils, I clicked “watch a video”. I was so excited to watch it because I was interviewed about the Windows Multipoint during Ma’am Tracy’s visit. And….I really saw myself in the video. Hehehe… That time I felt I was an arist. I watched it again…then again..then again.. I saw in the video Ma’am Vinluan (our principal), Sir Gomez (Digos City Superintendent), Ma’am Misner , Fr. Jomar Legaspi ( President) Henrich (one of my pupils) and his mother, etc…

I texted Ate Ann, my co-teacher about it. I also informed our pricipal. They too were so excited to watch the video.

You may watch the video for yourself and discover how  multiple students do share a single PC using multiple mice.

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March 31

Problem in Installing

This is the screen that appeared when I installed the mighty mice application in the computer in our school on November 2008.

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February 19

Uploading Experience

A while back, I tried to upload the lessons that I developed with the integration of multipoint. Unfortunately, it took me so long to upload them. I successfully uploaded only one. Hopefully, tomorrow or on weekend, I will be able to upload them.

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February 07

At the airport

I’m here at the waiting lounge of Mactan Airport. My flight will be at 10:50 AM.

Kanina lang tatlong bag ‘yong dala ko; a green back pack, a pink bag and a black bag. Nang pumila na ako sa check-in counter, I told the staff there that inside my back pack is a laptop. He suggested that dalhin ko na lang ‘yong laptop. So, kinuha ko muna sa bag ‘yong laptop. Gusto ko rin sanang ipalagay doon ang pink bag kaya lang, sabi ng staff ihand-carry ko na lang daw. Kaya ayun! Three bags pa rin ‘yong dala ko.

Nagbayad ako ng terminal fee, P 200.00.

Pagdaan ko doon sa scanning area (o ano ba ‘yong tawag doon na may machine na ginagamit para makita ‘yong laman ng mga bag), pinahinto ako sandali ng babae na staff doon. Tinanong niya if sa akin ba ‘yong pink na bag. At ayon! Binuksan niya ang bag ko. Then yong maroon ko na pencil case. Nakita niya roon ‘yong mga lapis, flash disks, ballpens, at gunting. Kinuha niya ang gunting at sinabing bawal ‘yon. Hehehe..Ilang beses na akong nakasakay ng eroplano ah! Ngayon ko lang nalaman na kahit pala ‘yong mapurol na gunting ay bawal. Kaya, pinagsabihan ako ng babae na ilagay ko roon sa check-in counter. Kaya, bumalik na namn ako sa check-in counter.

Kaya, eto… Two bags na lang ang nasa akin gayon.

Siyanga pala 10:28 AM na rito sa airport. Dapat sana 10:20 ‘yong boarding time namin. Delayed daw ‘yong flight namin. Siguro dahil di gaanong mabut ang panahon. Umuulan kasi. Naku! Pagsakay nito sa eroplano siguradong matagtag na naman.

Kasama ko pala rito si Sir Reden. ‘Yong boarding time niya sana ay 9:50 AM. Delayed din ‘yong flight niya. Papunta siya ng Maynila. Sabik na sabik na nga siyang umuwi kasi naghihintay na ‘yong asawa niya at isang chikiting na gwapito. Siya ‘yong multipoint champion ng Muntinlupa.

10:34 AM na rito sa airport. I have to stop encoding my thoughts now.

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February 05



I haven’t post my views yet on the following events:


  1. Unlimited Potential Group Summit at RED, Shangri-la Hotel (Dec. 2008)
  2. Content Development Summit (Dec. 10-11, 2008)
  3. JRAES Grade V pupils first use of multipoint
  4. Division updates on multipoint
  5. SMARTBro installation in our school


I intentionally list them down now so that I may spare a time for these.



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Content Development Workshop

I’m here at the Center for Teacher Excellence, Cebu City. I’m attending the Content Development Workshop. I and other multipoint champions; Sir Keithly, Sir Reden and Ma’amLyn are here too. Teachers from universities and colleges such as San Carlos University, University of Cebu, University of Vsayas and Southwestern University are also attending in this seminar.

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January 22

NAT Review and Multipoint

On January 19th this year, I started using MultiPoint in conducting a review for the National Achievement Test. This technology helps me a lot in identifying who among my pupils have mastered or have not mastered a specific skill. Indeed, immediate feedbacking through MultiPoint is vital in giving appropriate steps to ensure learners’ achievement.

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January 19

Flash Disks

I am glad that our principal issued USB flash disks to all the teachers in our school. Each teacher received a one gig flash disk.

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January 09

Teachers’ Training on Multipoint

I conducted a half-day training on multipoint in our school today. It was participated by my co-teachers, namely; Mrs. Francisca M. Dinoy, Mrs. Lezel Hernandez (Substitute teacher of Mrs. Analyn P. Manapol,Mrs. Mrs. Maria Teresa C. Bagood, Nr. Lyndon V. Deiparine, Ms. Catherine Mejorada, Mrs. Josefina Alvarado, Mrs. Rosie R. Belarmino, Mrs. ALicia A. Arnado and Mrs. Mary Ann T. Gonzales-Misner. Four teachers from Lungag Elemntary School also joined in the training.


The training was started with a prayer. In behalf of our principal Mrs. Ofelia Vinluan who was attending the Division ManCom, Mrs. Arnado welcomed all of us.


(more details next time…)

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January 06

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!


Let me share with you a text message which I received few minutes before January 1st 2009. “We don’t know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future.Happy new year!”


I agree. We really don’t know what will happen an hour from now, tomorrow or next month BUT we know that GOD knows what will be our future. We just need to entrust our lives to HIM. Acknowledge HIM in everything that we do.


May God bless all our endeavors!


Happy new year!



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December 23

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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December 16


I’m hungry. It’s 7:30 PM. But I just can’t let this moment passes me by without expressing my experiences during the two-day documentary shooting in our school. I want to organize my thoughts and think of what must be written first. I want to write a draft first in a paper but I don’t have an ample time to do it now. Well, just bear with me.

Our visitors came from the different parts of the world—from USA, South Africa and Philippines. Let me name the Microsoft people: Ma’am Tracy (American), Sir Andrew (African) and Sir Sam (Filipino). Fr. Joemar Legaspi was also present. Sir Bienne, Shaque and other assistants were also there. They arrived at almost 11:00 AM yesterday  in our school. While Sir Andrew and other assistants set-up their cameras and lights, Ma’am Tracy asked questions to my pupils. I was glad they were able to answer. On the other hand, my pupils also asked questions to Ma’am Tracy.

I started the lesson proper at 11:00 AM. My subject matter was to conclude that an independent country has sovereignty. I used Filipino as the medium of instruction. My pupils were not so enthusiastic in the beginning of the class but when I let them answer questions using the Windows Multipoint, they were awakened. There were times that we had to repeat some of the “clappings” because of the request of Sir Andrew. (By the way, Sir Andrew is the cameraman) There were also moments wherein my pupils had to repeat what they said.

After lunch, our PTCA president was interviewed. It was followed by me. I had not control my tears when at the latter part of the interview, I mentioned about my experience lat Saturday. (You may refer  to my blog on December 14). Ma’am VInluan was also interviewed.

Celesty, my pupil, was interviewed by Sir Sam. She burst into tears when she was asked about her family. She has no mother and father anymore. She is an orphan.

Henrich (my pupil) was also being asked to share his experiences about the multipoint program. Her mother was also interviewed.

This morning, the Microsoft people observed on how we conducted the flag ceremony. They took pictures and videos. Afterwhich, Mr. Alfonso G. Gomez Jr. and Hon. Reynaldo F. Nuesca were interviewed.

At around 10:00 AM, all pupils received Christmas gifts from the Microsoft people. Ma’am Tracy and Sir Sam facilitated in distributing toys to them. The children were so noisy and excited as they formed their lines. They uttered words of thanks. They showed their toys to their classmates and even to their schoolmates. They explored how to use those various toys. They were so happy.

Celesty received an additional gift from Sir Sam. ‘Twas a pink bag.
As I reflect now on what happened yesterday and today, a smile paints in my face. I’m happy that the pupils and my co-teachers are happy, too.

Ma’am Tracy, Sir Sam, Sir Andrew, Father Joemar, Sir Bienne, Shaque, etc..thank you! God bless you more!

I have to stop encoding my thoughts. I have to go home. It is already 8:05PM. I am already VERY hungry.



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December 14

Words of Encouragement

I was so tired yesterday. I went to school even if it’s Saturday. I prepared my lesson for tomorrow’s visitation of Ma’am Tracy of Microsoft USA. When my brother Aries texted me yesterday at past eleven in the morning, he asked me what I was doing that time. I expressed to him that I was in school and I was so tired. “Gikapoy ko Ries” That’s what I texted to him in Cebuano. Then he replied, “enjoy 8…Focus 2 y r u doing dt…4 students, 4 God.” I felt relieved. I thanked God for this once in a lifetime opportunity.  I was reminded by a verse in the Bible that goes like this, “Whatsoever you do, whether you eat or drink, do it for the glory of God.” Even if sometimes I felt tired, this must not hinder me to offer my best to God.


As I recall what happened yesterday, I’m so thankful to my brother’s words of encouragement. It is like an oasis in a desert.


To God be the glory!

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December 02

Another First Time Moments

 I’m here at Room 307 of Tower Inn, Makati City. I and Ma’am Luchi are staying here.
Let me enumerate my first time moments:


  1. Riding on a plane bound for Manila
  2. Arriving at the Ninoy International Airport
  3. Staying at Tower Inn, Makati
  4. Eating at California Pizza
  5. Entering the 6750 Building (specifically @ The Microsoft Office)
  6. Window shopping at Glorietta, Landmark and SM
  7. Entering Shangri-la Hotel


I will just blog the details tomorrow.



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November 26

Documentary Shooting @ JRAES

Just let me write in details…


November 17, 2008


I arrived in our school at 6:15 AM. That was too good for me to do. That was a miracle! (hehehe..)All the rooms were closed. There was no key. My pupil Jasmin who’s bringing the key had not yet arrived. I asked Henrich, my pupil who’s living few meters from school, to get the key from Jasmin.


At 6:30 AM, I managed to open the room to be used for the multipoint demonstration.


Few minutes passed, some of my pupils arrived. I asked someone to carry the CPU and speaker that were placed in my original room. I had to demonstrate in the room of Ma’am Jo because her room is wider than mine.


I let my pupils, Gelvert and Rane, arranged the USB hubs and mighty mice.


At 8:00 AM, Miss Oliva P. Miranda and Mrs. Zenaida G. Guya (Digos Occidental PSDS) came over.


I felt excited and at the same time nervous.


It was almost 10:00 AM when Sir Sam, Ma’am Luchi and a group of cameramen arrived. I immediately started my lesson in Hekasi about “Karapatan at Kalayaan ng mga Mamamayang Pilipino.” They observed my class. They took pictures. (Feeling ko mga artista kami ng mga estudyante ko kasi habang nagkaklase kami, kinukunan din kami ng video…)


After the demonstration, three of my pupils were interviewed,namely: Jenelie, Rane and Celesty. It was followed by Ma’am Vinluan (our principal) and me.


We had group pictures, too.


Our visitors left our school during lunch time. I learned that Mr. Gomez was waiting for them at Hotel de Crisbelle.


Praise God!



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The Unforgettable Demonstration


   During the demonstration, I was not able to bring the DLP as well as the projector screen. Oh! That was horrible!


   When I arrived at the place where I should demonstrate the multipoint, Ms. Olive and Ma’am Luchi were already there. Ma’am Luchi was so disappointed because she had to leave for Cagayan de Oro City after the demonstration. So, that would mean that because of me, she would be late in her next appointment. I was so sorry about it. Few minutes passed, Mr. Gomez arrived. He was just so calm. He was in the mood.


   Then, I presented my lesson using the multipoint.


   I could not explain the kaleidoscope of emotions that flooded through my senses that time. I was so ashamed.



P.S. Those were the events in my dream, the night before the documentary shooting.Those did not happen in reality. (Tungod siguro to sa kakulba, mao ang mga kahadlok nako nanggawas sa damgo. heheheh)







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November 19

Two-page survey on Multipoint

Chellow called me up at around 4:30 PM. She told me to fill out the two-page survey which she sent yesterday. A couple of minutes ago, I sent to her my answers through email.


By the way,next time,  I will try my best to blog what happened during the documentation shooting in our school. (Hindi pala basta-basta ang mag-artista..heheheheh)

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November 10

LCD projector & Screen

Finally, after two weeks of waiting, the LCD projector and the screen were handed to me this afternoon. I will use these equipment tomorrow.

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Research pa more!


(Xavier, Mishel, Titio and I)

We are here at DepEd NEAP, RELC-REgion XI. We are attending the Orientation and Training-Workshop on the Utilization of Research Funds, Research processes and tools Relative to the Management and Implementation of DepEd Basic Education Research Agenda.

Remembering the boys of my life

When I saw a family- mother, father and son, checked out from the Sampaguita theTourist Inn (where I am now, specifically at the lobby), I missed Shiro and my husband Tepen. OH, I am here doing my assignment in Program Evaluation. Mama Delia and Nenen are still sleeping. Huhuhu…Lord, please help me with this endeavor of mine. Bless also the boys of my life. I know they are still sleeping now.


We are going to unwind. We are going to a certain swimming pool here in Digos. I am not sure yet what is the name of the pool.

Thank God for this opportunity!

Remembering 2015

We gathered at the parsonage to welcome the new year. We had a family devotion.

I attended the RSPC at UIC, Davao City. Ang Alitaptap, our school publication, won third place in Feature Page.

I was nominated again to the CSC Pag-asa Award.

I, tepen and Shiro were able to attend the National Convention of Foursquare Family in Baguio City. We were able to visit la presa, the site of the teleseries “Forevermore”.

Before going to baguio, we stayed in manila for three days I think. We visited manila ocean park,rode in the LRT, went to Mall of Asia.

Family vacation in Surigao- Enchanted River, Doll house, tinuy-an falls,island hopping

Attended the UFM-UFW District Conference in Kapatagan.

Opening of classes
i can’t remember something memorable on this month..heheh
Ah, it’s Shiro’s first taste of school. He studied at Digos Christian learning Center. tepen enrolled in the teacher professional program of CJC.I and Flora May Cadungog started studying for EDD at USEP.

received the PEI-supposedly equivalent for one-month, but mine was based on Teacher III yet..

We purchased the inventer aircon.

-CSC recognition at Grand men Seng Hotel

_ World teachers’ Day= AGILA awarding @ Apo View…I was one of the awardees.
-Our room at home was airconditioned.

I celebrated my 32nd bday. Shiro celebrated his 4th birthday.

We spent christmas in Banate. We went to the farm on Christmas Day.

Oh Lord, thank you for the blessings we received in 2015.
Oh I give thanks to you for you are good! Psalms 136? Am I right?

I thank God for adding another year in my life. I celebrate God’s 32 years of faithfulness in my life! Oh, God, the Source of Everything, the Author of our lives, I praise and I thank You for all the blessings I received from You!

Let me recall what happened on my birthday and my son’s 4th birthday.

I went to USEP, Davao City on Saturday, November 28th. I left Digos at around 6:30 AM. I arrived late in my class on Policy Analysis. I was not worried because our teacher did not check our attendance. After our class, my classmates sang a birthday song to me. I also attended in our class on Program Evaluation and Qualitative Research.

It was about 3:00 PM, when May and I left USEP. We rode in a taxi going to Ecoland. We arrived at Digos City Terminal at almost 5:00 PM.

I waited for my husband Tepen and son Shiro at the terminal. We rode in a Holiday Bus and arrived in Banate at around 7:00 PM.