Product of a cluttered mind

I’m here in the internet cafe, near USEP. I just went out from my edtech class just to print out one of my requirements. I’m really tired. Huh! I left my bag there in our classroom because we are still having our class.

Last night, I joined the badminton tournament of CJC personnel. My partner in mixed doubles is Brian, my friend when I was in high school and is now currently working at CJC Shell. He taught me on some techniques in playing badminton. Fortunately, we won. Heheheh…

By the way, I will go to Cebu on Monday. I will stay there until Thursday. It is indeed a favor from God. Sa wakas, makaka-stay na ako sa isang bonggang hotel. Makakasakay na ulit ako ng eroplano. Eventhough, kinakabahan pa rin ako ngayon na sumakay ulit ng eroplano, excited din naman ako. Glory be to God!

I have to go back to my class because my reaction paper is already printed.

God bless!


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