(I wrote this on August 28, 2008.)


 The other night, my cousin gave us a saucer of humba. Hmmm..’Twas delicious. Inspired by its taste, I tried to prepare one all by myself a while ago.


                It was my first time to cook humba. So, I always asked my cousin on how to prepare it.


                Alas! I succeeded in my “experiment”. I just couldn’t help myself but laughed at the result of the cooking session. Well, there’s no other viand that was being served. That’s why Jane (my sister) and I were forced to eat it.


                Don’t let me describe the taste of the humba that I cooked a while ago. Just read it between the lines.


P.S.        Cooking is not my forte. I know how to cook but if I’m going to rate myself, I would say that I am  not a good cook. I’m just tryingto be one.






2 thoughts on “Humba

  1. hi cherrie! i enjoyed reading your blog entries. i envy you and karina, u get to maintain your own blogs. ako pud unta, pero tamad man gud ko kaayo ba. =)

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