Thinking aloud about the Wedding/s

10:20 PM

I’m sitting on a white plastic chair. In front of me is my laptop. I just want to think aloud. The song of Jaci Velasquez entitled “Flower in the Rain” is playing. It’s dark here in the kitchen. I turned off the light a while ago because it’s just a waste of electricity since no one was staying here, few minutes back, when I was writing in my lesson plan notebook.

I sent an SMS to Dence this evening. I asked her if it was true that she will be getting married next year. ‘Twas true. She requested me not to spread the news about the exact wedding date.

Oh! Speaking of wedding, I together with Emily, Real, Marisa, Amie, Rene and Neil attended the wedding ceremony of Janice and Duploy yesterday. They exchanged vows at San Isidro Parish, Digos City. I learned yesterday that the real name of Duploy is Rodolfo Lapaz, Jr. Lucyll and Jade were not able to witness the ceremony. They were able to greet the newly-wed couple at Janice’ residence.

Janice and Duploy on their wedding day

Janice and Duploy on their wedding day

At around 3:00 PM, I and Emily rode on the motorcycle of Jade. Imagine this! We were wearing above the knees dress while riding. Hehehe…We went to Gaisano. Rene was already waiting there. We chose a wedding gift. We decided to buy a rice cooker at the ground floor. We went to the third floor for gift wrapping.

When we were about to go home, we asked Jade to treat us an ice-cream because today (Nov. 9) is his 25th birthday. Unluckily, there was no half gallon of ice-cream at the Food Court. We persuaded him to treat us now that he is still single…now that they are not yet married with her love who is having a missionary work at Thailand. They will also get married next year or in two years. We convinced Jade to treat us at McDo. He did not want to eat there. He asserted to eat at Jollibee instead. We ate Spaghetti, burger and choco dessert (I forgot the name).

Rene and Jade gave the gift to Jans and Duploy.

Now, I am just imagining how nice it is to walk down the aisle wearing a white gown…to exchange vows with someone whom God has intended for me. In God’s time, I believe I will also become a bride. I don’t know when it will be. I don’t even know who will be my groom. Yet, when that day comes, I want that there are a lot of flowers in the church…white and red roses are elegantly arranged on the aisle. Hopefully, that time, our church building has already a new ceiling, tainted glass on the window grill and newly-painted white wall. I don’t have to worry about the floor because it is already made up of tiles. To God be the glory! I lay down all of my heart’s desires to God. He is faithful to His promises. He answers prayers.

I think I am not mature enough for marriage. God is not yet done in molding me. I am still on the process of developing my skills in home chores.Maybe it will still take a couple of years before that grand day comes. I just hope that I won’t reach 30 years old on my wedding day.

Before I end this article, let me say something about the story of the ring which is worn on the wedding day. A man gave an engagement ring. It’s followed by a wedding ring then by suffe-ring. Hehehe…


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