Lesson Plan

One of my responsibilities as an elementary teacher is to write a lesson plan…yah…a daily lesson plan. I have to do it. I have to love it.

Yet, there were really times that I felt so lazy in writing. I did not have the interest to write. During the first and second grading periods, I was so enthusiastic in preparing my own lesson plans. It was so stressful to me if I could not write my LP for the next day.

Then, came the turning point- the third grading period. I struggled writing in my lesson plan. My joy in writing in my LP was slowly vanishing.

Yesterday, Ma’am Vinluan (my principal) wanted to look at my lesson plans last week. I was so ashamed that I had not shown it to her. I had not updated my LP.  But, please don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean that I did not teach. I did my job. I used my previous  LP’s last year every time I taught my pupils for the last few weeks.

I showed to Ma’am my LP last year instead. I could not fully describe my feelings when I did that. (Well, honestly, I copied also some of the lessons there in my previous LP. ) My heart beat faster. My muscles seemed to tremble. I was so ashamed…very ashamed…I just hope Ma’am Vinluan understood me.

Now, I have already updated my LP. That experience is still vivid in my mind. I will never forget it.

The Lesson Plan is a reminder that I have to do my work even if sometimes, just sometimes, I don’t really feel doing it.


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