Tonight: What are in my mind?

My life is not so exciting these past few days. No special someone to text with (aside from friends and family members). No petty things that are causes of misunderstandings. No travels out of town (starting second week of February). No movie. No calls thru the cp. Somewhat boring…somehow flat…

I had routinary activities—waking up in the morning, fixing the bedding, cooking food for breakfast and lunch, riding either a motorcycle or a car going to school, teaching the whole day, taking a nap in the afternoon, going back home, going to Cor Jesu every Tuesdays’ and Thursdays’ afternoon for the part-time job, writing a lesson plan, reading some passages in the Bible…Things like that kept on repeating each day.

That’s why, tonight, I am thinking of going to Davao tomorrow. I want to watch the latest movie of John Lloyd and Sarah, “You changed my life in a moment”. (bahala na kung jologs, basta! Ganahan ko Tagalog movies.hahahaha). Of course I want to watch it with a companion but if I can’t help it, I will watch the movie alone. (I did it twice and I realized it’s really better to watch a movie with someone.) But before that, I have to follow-up first my exemption for the Comprehensive Exam at the University of Southeastern Philippines. Hopefully, I will qualify. ‘Yan talaga ‘yong main purpose ko. Business first ‘ika nga nila bago pleasure.

Then now, though I mentioned above that my life is not so exciting, I’m still grateful to God that I am alive. I am still breathing free fresh oxygen. I can still see the beauty of God’s creation: the colorful flowers, the verdant mountains, the blue seas, everything. I have a family. I have friends. These are just some of the things I’m thankful for.

Thank God! Glory be to God!


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