Before March 1 ’09

The movie "You Changed My Life in a Moment" changed my mood this day.

The movie "You Changed My Life in a Moment" changed my mood this day.

I arrived at USEP at 11:00 AM. I went directly to the registrar’s office to submit my evaluation sheet. The staff there told me that I had to let our adviser in the Educational Management to sign it. I went directly to the office of the College of Education. I asked Ma’am Letty who would sign my evaluation sheet. “Dr. Vasay,” she said. So, I walked 20 steps away from the office, to look for Dr. Vasay. He was not there. I went back to Ma’am Letty. She told me that maybe Sir had taken his lunch.

I decided to eat lunch at the University canteen. I ordered “ginataang gulay” (my favorite–hmmm…my sister Laudy would always tell me that my mother always mentions my name everytime “gulay” is served), two pieces of lumpia shanghai, 1 1/2 cups of rice, one glass of mango shake and a piece of banana. I only paid P 35.00.

I looked for a table of which I was comfortable. I was about to start eating when someone called me. Iwas so surprised that it was Garnette. She was my classmate in high school. She’s even the salutatorian in our batch, almost nine years ago. I learned that she’s studying MS mathematics at USEP. So, while eating, we talked about our families, our careers, etc…i also found out that she is now Mrs. Garnette Mae Villaflor- Balacy. She has two sons already. We talked until almost 1:00 PM.

Garnette went to the library and I waited fro Dr. Vasay ouside his office.

While waiting, I managed to read the book of Paulo Coelho entitled “The Zahir.” I read the first 20 pages before but that time, I read them again. then, when I reached at the 3oth page, it was already 1:35 PMm. Dr. Vasay didn’t arrive yet. Then, I continued reading. At 2:30 I ate baked macaroni. Few minutes passed, I drank an 8 oz Coke. Dr. Vasay didn’t arrive still.

I went to the office of Ma’am Letty and she told me that Dr. Vasay was around in the morning. She told me that he would be coming.

I waited for Dr. Vasay since he had a class at 4:00 PM. Ouside his office, I met Ana, one of my classmates before. We had a chat. At around 3:40 PM, someone told her friend who was sitting beside her that Dr. Vasay would not be able to go to school because he had a flu.

Huh! I wanted to cry. Imagine! I waited there for about five hours! Then hindi dumating ‘yong hinintay ko. Huh! Buti na alng, nakita ko si Ma’am Susan classmate ko rin dati, kaya I asked her to please let Dr. Vasay sign my evaluation next Saturday.

What did I do next?

I went to Gmall. I bought keyboard which was requested by my co-teacher. I also looked for the cloth that my sister Vyjane asked me to buy. Unfortunately, there was no cloth like the one she was requesting.

I looked at my cellphone. It’s almost 5:00 PM. If I would go home, hindi pa rin ako makaaabot sa devotion at practice ng “Praise and Worship”. So I went upstairs. Nakipila ako at nagbayad ng P80. Saan? Eh di saan pa, sa sinehan! hehehheheh…I have to treat myself. Mas mabuti talaga kung may kasama. Hmmmm..I really miss him. I watched the movie with no friend o someone to accompany me. Pero, pagpasok ko sa sinehan, marami pa ang nakatayo. Mga iilang minuto rin bago ako nakaupo.

I felt relieved when I watched the movie “You changed my life in a moment”. I laughed a lot! Nakilig din ako! Sobra! Napaiyak din! Maybe it’s because I can relate in some scenes…Huhuhu…

Then, I went back to Digos. I went directly to church. The PAW team was not yet done in their practice.

All of these happened on the last day of February 2009, before March 1.


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