The trip to Passig

07-03-09_10141It’s one of my heart’s desires last year to visit Passig, an islet located at Brgy. Bato, Sta Cruz, Davao del Sur. I was motivated to go there when Br. Randy Tudy (the principal of CJC-BED Department) told me that Passig is already developed. He let me look at the pictures he took when he went there. Then, a plan to visit there sprouted like a monggo seed. I informed Real, my friend, about this. She, too, was interested. We planned to visit Passig.

When my birthday came (Nov. 2008), someone asked me where I wanted to go. I immediately answered him that I loved to visit Passig. He told me that he would treat me. But that “promise” vanished like a vapor in the wind. I hoped like a desperate child waiting for the ice-cream that was being promised to be given. I waited. I waited for nothing. Or was it me who was not able to wait for the date that he would treat me? I don’t know.

Then, last Thursday, my friend Janice informed me that the “Jhierks” (my kabarkada in college) would go to Passig. It was scheduled yesterday, March 7. I immediately told her that I loved that idea.

The plan: We would meet at emily’s house at 7:00 AM.

I arrived past 9:00 AM at the agreed waiting place because I washed my clothes. The other reason was that I had also a catharsis of emotions. I and my sister had a “silent” quarrel. (na-okey din naman)07-03-09_1008

Neil, Rene, Janice, Duploy(husband of Janice), Brian (brother of Neil) and me rode in a tricycle. We paid P12.oo each. Emily rode on a motorcycle with his friend.

07-03-09_10091At the “pantalan” of Bato, Sta. Cruz, we paid P20 for our fare for the “banca”, back and forth. It only took us about five minutes to dock at Passig.

Passig has indeed transformed for the better. There are already presentable cottages. There are coconut trees. White sand is also evident in the area.07-03-09_1015

We stayed in an open cottage. Nagsugba ug isda ug pork. Then, istorya-istorya…Real and his boyfriend Cris came at around 11:00 AM.

Then, we ate lunch.

Much of the time was spent for “talking”. The topic revolved about life…about love life.

It was 4:00 PM, when some of us nakapagdecide na maligo na sa dagat. I stayed at the cottage. Joel and his gf Jean were there, too.

Cris and I had an exchange of ideas.He asked me about commitment… responsibility…the difference between the two…my painful moment…my happiest moment…etc… Huh! Grabe ha! Ang “lalim” ng mga tanong ni Cris!

I left Cris at the cottage. Sumali ako sa habulan sa dagat with Real, Emily, Duploy, Janz and Brian. Ang sarap maging bata…carefree kumbaga!07-03-09_1715

We also had pictorials there.

We left Passig at around 5:30 PM. Sumakay na naman kami ng bangka pauwi. Then, pauwi ng Digos sumakay kami ng jeep.

REFLECTIONS: My trip to Passig helped me to the unwind from life’s pressures. When I was there, I still hoped that someday, “someone” and me will also go there together.07-03-09_1017


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