The Quarrel of Sisters


Last Saturday morning, everytime I asked my sister Vyjane about something, she didn’t answer. She did not even talk to me the night before. Everytime I uttered a word, I felt I was just talking with the wind for she would act as if she was deaf. I was deeply wounded.

At almost 8:00 AM, I was preparing a porridge for my lola when I told Laudy to command Vjane to wash the dishes. Vjane answered, “Si manang (referring to me) oh! Manglaba pa ko.” I did not say anything. I asked Laudy to continue what I was doing. I washed the dishes instead.

Tears flowed out while I was washing the dishes. I expressed everything I felt. I was so hurt that my sis Jane did not talk to me. Laudy just listened to me. I felt better when I was able to say everything I wanted to say.

When my mother came, she asked why my sis and me had a quarrel. I told her what had happened the day before.

The reason

You may ask what was the reason behind her “silence”.

Last Friday morning, she asked for additional money for viand and for fare going to church. She said that she would go home first before attending the prayer meeting at the church that night. I gave her the money. Then, while I was about to close the door, (since we would go to school) I asked her to give the “tinolang isda” to our neighbor. She hesitated to do so. So, I told her to close the door. Then, I gave to our neighbor the “tinolang isda”.

When I arrived at the church, I saw that she was wearing a school uniform. I said, “oh, niderestso man lagi ka diri?” She did not answer.We rode in the same tricycle going home. We were as if strangers for we were not able to talk with each other.

The reconciliation

At Saturday night, she just talked to me and teased me that I cried that morning. I said that I was hurt that she did not talk to me.

On Sunday afternoon, we visited our Lola at the hospital. Our father took care of our lola. Then, Vjane asked that we would eat at Jollibee. Before we went to Jollibee our papa (my father) reminded her, “Ayaw na awaya imong magulang. Kamo ra baya naga-uban.”


Somehow, I am sensitive. I can also say that I am patient. But, my patience has limitations. If I am fed-up of something, crying is my way of lessening my burden.

I am not perfect. My sister is not perfect, too. Sometimes I hurt her unintentionally. Sometimes, she hurts me. On top of these all, I learn to forgive. I learn to love more.

I still love my sis.


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