My Lola

My Lola and I on March 8, 2009

My Lola and I on March 8, 2009

At around 5:50 PM this day while I was giving an exam to my Fil 102 class at Cor Jesu College, I received a text message from my father…”day re-an patay na lola inday nimo..”

I was not able to hold my emotions. Tears immediately flowed down just when one of my students named Rethyl passed her test paper and answer sheet. This situation made her confused.

Rethyl asked, “Naunsa ka miss?”

“Nagtext ‘yong papa ko na patay na raw ang aking lola.”

“Condolence Miss,” she immediately uttered.

Other students were still answering. I mustered all my energy to control my emotions.

I thought of my lola. She was better last Sunday compared to the previous days. I thought of those days we spent together…only few days, I said to my self. I always thought before that there would be more time to treat my lola…to spend time with her in Davao or somewhere else…those will not be materialized anymore.


I regret the fact that I haven’t told my lola that I love her.

May she rest in peace.


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