At Ledoux Building

Note: Ledoux is the first building that you will see when uou enter Cor Jesu College (CJC).

One of my students is taking an exam now at Ledoux 106. He took the special test because he had no exam permit last Tuesday.

I was there too 10 minutes ago. Ciemavil and Sergio,my co-teachers here at CJC, were there too. We had  an informal chatting about life. Serg shared something about his “sunburn”. He shared that he was able to go to Kaputian last weekend. (Hmmm..I want to be there, too.) Then, this conversation led to the following topics: Isla Reta, Samal Island, travels, then guess what? …LOVE. When I told them just a bit of my ideas/experiences about “love”, they laughed. I  laughed too not because there was a joke but because I was carried by their laughs. They took it as if I was joking. Then, I told them I was not. I told them that it’s better to go somewhere else with companions. It may be good to explore places with your self alone but it is better also to spend it with  your boyfriend.

Serg said that I was just sentimental. But I was not sentimental when I shared that I was not able to move on immediately when my bf and me broke up. “Gitininuod pud diay nimo,” Ciemavil said while teasing.

That was the flow of our conversation when Benjie (another co-teacher) arrived. Since, Serg and Ciemavil had no students anymore who were taking an exam, they left us. Then, I asked Benjie if it would be okey for him to get the test paper of my student if the latter would be able to finish answering the exam. That’s why I’m here at the faculty lounge, blogging my thoughts.


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