Marc Hector

I took care of Marc Hector “Kakoy”, the son of my cousin, last Sunday night because Helen had to admit Lourenz at the hospital due to diarrhea.

Kakoy is a hyperactive child. He loves to move and talk. That night, he asked for a notebook because he wanted to write. When he saw a box of crayons, he also used them.Kakoy (left) and his brother Lourenz

Then, he walked around. He said, “Mommy, naa kay bep lop?” He meant beef loaf. I said none. He uttered, “Naa ka fishhhh?” I answered, “Oo, kaon ka fish?” So, even if he had already taken his dinner, I fried tuna fish. He wanted to lie down. He did so. He just told me that he did not want to eat anymore.

He slept soundly on our bed. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….shhh………..


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