My Father

I appreciate my father for being our spiritual leader. When we were young, he led us to go to church. He guided us to the right path. He corrected us when we made mistakes.

Before (when I was elementary), I thought that my father was so strict. When I stole money from his pocket or even in the office, he spanked me with his black leather belt. It was in my college days that I discovered that my father is sweet and caring.

He is still doing now his role as a father. He is doing more than what is expected of him.

Last week, when I went home (in Banate) I saw my father washing dirty clothes- not only his clothes. Here are some of his pics.

My father washes clothes.

My father washes clothes.

His name is Raulito.

His name is Raulito.

He always helps my mother in washing clothes.

Hmmmm…..last week I also saw a pic of my father when he was still young.

My father plays the guitar.

My father plays the guitar.

He is my father.


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