At Marco Polo

in front of Marco Polo

Last Tuesday, March 24, I attended the Cisco Communications Seminar at Marco Polo, Davao City. I and Ma’am Lorelie Gorgonio of Digos City Central Elementary School went there together.

When we arrived at the hotel, what really caught my attention was the carpeted stairs.

The seminar was held at the second floor. When we arrived at the venue, our co-teachers from Digos City were there already. They were Ma’am Rosielyn of San Miguel Elementary School (ES), Sir Juvy of Marawer ES, Sir Alejandro of Isaac Abalayan ES and Sir Damo of Aplaya ES.

We ate breakfast, to mention: plain rice, sausage and fried egg.

After the seminar, Ma’am Lorelie, Ma’am Rosielyn and me used the elevator. We explored the 18th floor of Marco Polo. Then, we went to the 4th floor where the swimming pool was located. Afterwhich, we went to the ground floor. We stayed at the lobby for about 30 minutes. There, we saw signatures of VIP’s such us GMA, Ramos, etc.. that were placed in frames. We also asked the staff of Marco Polo of the lowest possible rate. Guess what? P 8,000.00. Huh!

We took a lot of pictures there.

the carpeted stairs


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