The Soldier in Me

The moment a soldier is wounded, he becomes more courageous.

I think that a blood of a soldier is tainted within my soul. I am a soldier in my own way.

I fought for the love that I thought was mine. I did all my best to show it. There were times that I was victorious against the war of anger, hatred or even angst. There were times that I almost fell in the abyss of nothingness…in the place where I thought that I thought I was alone. There were moments of triumphs…moments of failures.

Those pains I felt in losing in the battle were nothing compared to the joys I got in winning it.

But, let me emphasize that being a soldier does not mean “losing” or “winning”.

A soldier has a motto of “no retreat, no surrender”. That’s what I also believed before.

Now, I cannot take the deep wounds. I will take a rest first and look back of all the battles I fought for. I believe I already did my best. I have no regret in doing so. Just let me take a rest…for a soldier like me also gets tired of facing the enemies, especially when my comrade is wandering in the wilderness.

After all, taking a rest does not mean giving up.


4 thoughts on “The Soldier in Me

  1. Hello Cherrie Anne,

    Damn that man who hurt you! He doesn’t deserve you! Go on and move on with your life! You can still find the best man whom God chooses for you. Just take it slowly! But in defense to the men in uniform, there are still few good men out their. Take time to realize!

    Broken Arrow

  2. Hello Broken Arrow,

    Thanks for your pieces of advice. i don’t know how to open your site or your blog.


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