Graduation Day @ JRAES

The 4th Closing Exercises of Jolencio R. Alberca Elementary School or JRAES (in the school where I’m teaching) was held this afternoon. Supposedly, it must be started at 1:00 PM but due to some unavoidable circumstances, the program was started at 1:35 PM.

Our visitors were Mr. Rosito L. Asarak (Education Supervisor in Filipino), Mrs. Soliie Oliver (Education Supervisor in English), Dr. Marilyn A. Jairal (Digos Occidental District Supervisor), Hon. Michael Latasa at Hon. Antonio B. Jariol.

Ten boys and fifteen girls were officially declared as graduates in our school, this year. Congratulations to all my students!

The 25 graduates of batch 2009...

The 25 graduates of batch 2009...

I’m glad that almost everything went well. Ma’am Jo was the master of the ceremony.

To God be the glory! He answered our prayer that it won’t rain. It’s because if it would rain, we would not able to hold the ceremony under the mango trees.


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