On Holy Thursday

1.  I spent my day at home (in Banate)

2.  I watched three movies, namely; Twilight, Seven Pounds and Baler.

Some comments/reflections:

TWILIGHT— For me, the movie shows how Edward practiced self-control…He was so attracted to Bella but he was able to control himself. In real life, this may also apply, especially among lovers.

SEVEN POUNDS– The main character in the movie donated some of his body parts just to make others happy. At the end, he committed suicide because of his willingness to donate his heart to a woman.

BALER-– It’s a love story in times of war. Celso and Feliza fought for their love. I was touched at the later part of the movie because Celso was caught when he was about to escape from the hands of the Spanish military. Huh! He was killed. He was not able to see his baby.

3. I read some of the pages of Philip Yancey’s “What’s so amazing about Grace’ and “Prayer: Does it make a Difference?”

4.  At first, I was not able to sleep well because my stomach was so full.


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