25 Random Things about me

I read this kind of article in the blog of my friend Karina. I also read this once in the blog of Bianca Gonzales. Let me tell you too about 25 random things about me.

1. I love to eat “ginataang gulay”or “law-uy”.

2. I don’t know how to ride on a bicycle.

3. I like to watch Filipino movies. (heeheeheh..jologs man, bahala na!)

4. I HAD only one boyfriend.

5. I want to visit mall of Asia, Zamboanga, Surigao, Basila, Vigan, Tagytay, Palawan and Baguio City in the next five years.

6. I collect letters from friends, students,etc…

7. I regret that i burnt all the love letters given to me when my bf broke up.

8. My favorite color is blue.

9. I’m praying for my future husband and children.

10. I haven’t used a washing machine yet. I don’t even know how to use it!

11.I have a box with more than 20 notebooks of various sizes which contain diaries from 1996 up to the present.

12. I am really exerting effort to gain weight.

13. I always said to myself that I must collect books but I have only a few collection up to now.

14. My friends call me “bagoy”, “Che_anne”, “Che”, “Anne” or “Cheng”.

15. My parents call me Rie-Anne or Day Rie Anne.

16. I want to visit Hongkong, America, Japan and Europe with my future family in the next ten years.

17. I don’t like to eat the meat of a goat.

18. I don’t like dogs.

19. My most expensive purchase is my Neo laptop.

20. I bought a tambourine from my first salary.

21. I was admitted to the hospital due to hypokalemia in Dec. 2004, Dec. 2005 and November 2006.

22. I love watching babies—sleeping, crawling, eating, smiling, laughing…

23. I am a nature lover.

24. I like the idea of enrolling in a gym. (maybe this summer…)

25. I love buko salad.


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