Cuarenta Dias

“Cuarenta dias” means forty days. This tradition is observed among Catholics—wherein there is a prayer offered on the 40th day from the day when a person passed away. I cannot thoroughly explain why it is being done. But, last Saturday-April 18, I went to Banate to attend the Cuarenta Dias of my late Lola Inday.

When I reached our home in Banate only Ruvy Jane was there. Ma, Pa and Laudy already went to the farm. Benjay was still in Cebu and Aries was in General Santos City.

Ruvy Jane and I hiked going to the farm. She did not want to ride on a motorcycle because the road going there is steep. We took pictures along the way–on the hanging bridge, on the steep road…@ the hanging bridge in Banate

My cousins, uncles and aunts were already there in the “purok” where the tombs of my lola, lolo and a cousin were located.

That day served as a reunion of Baguio Family. We ate lunch there. I and my cousins also played Bingo. Aries arrived after lunch.

My cousin Pinky, few years younger than me has already a baby. Tilay another cousin of mine, who is also younger thanme is getting married this coming April 28. “Kaw day, kanus-a man ka maminyo?” My aunt asked. I answered, “Wa ko kabalo te.” Hehehe…marriage is always an issue.

My cousins have a great time playing Bingo...

It was drizzling when we went home. My mother, Jane and me passed through a muddy and slopy area. Some of our relatives passed also the trail where we hiked but others used the wider road—the one where Jane and I walked in going to the farm. We washed our feet in the river.

We ate dinner at the house of Ate Bebot, the sister of my father.

@ the farm

@ the farm


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