Let’s talk about Gideon…

I have just arrived from Davao City. Here I am now in the internet cafe of our neighbor. I pass by here because I want to share what I learned before the fire within burns out. I have not yet went home. Anyway, let me think aloud.

I decided to entitle this article with the one stated above because Gideon’s life was the focus of the two-day Youth Leadership Training held yesterday (April 23) and today (April 24) at Davao City Foursquare Gospel Church, Lopez Jaena St., Davo City. The speaker of the said training was Rev. James Tan from Malaysia. The training was participated by youth leaders from different districts in Mindanao.

Rev. Tan (standing in front) talks about the life of Gideon.

Rev. Tan (standing in front) talks about the life of Gideon.

At first, Rev. Tan told us to read Judges 6-8. He gave us the following questions:

1. What is the main focus of the passage?

2. Who is going to fight with whom?

3. Who won?

4. Why? How was the battle won? What made the difference?

For you to answer the queries above, I suggest that you also read that passage.

Gideon and his 300 men won in the battle against 135, 000 Midianites. Imagine! 301 against 135,000! Impossible in the sight of man, right? But why did they win? How? The answer: It was because God was with them.

While we medidated upon the Word of God, Rev. Tan emphasized the following:

1. The key to winning every battle is whether God is in it.

2. God is the leader, we are the followers.

3. God plays the major role. We play the minor role.

So, what were the turning points in the story? The first turning point was “cry”. Their “cry” represent their turning away from idols. Idols are things that we put our trust more than God. The second turning point was the “call from God.” Then, the fire…altar…fleece1 …fleece 2…the dream.

But, when Gideon was at the summit of success, he was not able to handle it correctly. Try to discover it for yourself in chapter 8 of Judges.


I really learned a lot from the two-day training. I came to know more Gideon. I heard his name in the past but I haven’t reflected more than what I did in the training. Above all, I had an encounter with God.

While listening to Rev. Tan, I chuckled…I laughed…I got teary-eyed… He was able to convey the message in a vivid manner. Though he used powerpoint in presenting the topic, his best visual aid was himself—he cracked jokes related to the theme. He shared anecdotes that even made the training more interesting.

I have been reminded with this passage of the scripture…”Be careful how you think, your life is shaped by your thoughts. (Prov. 4:23)” Yes, whatever we feed in our find will surely affect our lives.

Just like Gideon, I have also my share of success and failures. So many times, I fell. I talked to God that I wouldn’t do again another terrible sin, but there were really times that I failed. I rose up. Then, at times, I failed again. I thank God because I was refreshed in the training. How great is our God! How great is His love!

Let me end this with the following sentences that we read at the end of every session…





P.S. Nenen, Cocoy, Embrace, Rissa, Sarah and I represented Digos City Foursquare Gospel Church. The church paid for our P 100.00 registration.

Hmmmm….I met Michelle of GenSan Foursquare Gospel Church and Princess of Maitum. (hehehe…I don’t want to forget their names that’s why I also mention them here.)


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