@ Camp Palm Springs

I had a wonderful time at Camp Palm Springs, Coronon, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur during the Summer Youth Camp (batch 1) last April 26-28, 2009. It was participated in by young people of the Foursquare Gospel Church, Central Mindanao District, whose age range from 18 years old and above. The theme is Empowered for God’s Service.

Today (April 29)up to May 1, the second batch (18 years old and below) will attend in the said camp.

during public service...

during public service...

There were seminars, public service, table games and ball games.

Mitchelle and I joined the Bible Drill and Bible Hunting. We got the second and third prize respectively.

I also joined in the Extemporaneous Preaching when our youth coordinator told me to do so. I was hesitant because last year, I joined and I won the second place. Since it was a pastor’s command, I followed. As what they said, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.” And I said to myself, “I’m not so good in public speaking. So I have to develop it.”

Hmmmm…..I had to expound the verse in Romans 8:29. I was so nervous then because I knew that I did not fully grasp the message in the said verse. I told my seatmate named Lhester of the Myrtle (or Cypress?) Divison what I felt. He told me, “Maayo man nang makulbaan ta kay buot pasabot wa tay mahimo kung wala ang Ginoo.” I was thankful for his encouragement. When I stood in front, I was not able to explain the verse clearly. I did not win.

Embrace, Rissa, Kristine and I played volleyball under the scorching heat of the sun. It was not a challenging game. As what one of the spectators said, “Wa may lami.” Well, I could not blame him for giving such comment. My pride was touched and I wanted to tell him that we were not after of winning the game, we just wanted to enjoy but I just kept my mouth shut. In the fist half, our team got three. Hehehe…The other team got 25. In the second half, if I am not mistaken, we got 14 or 15.

I also played scrabble. I was defeated again.

Lester, Tepen, Boyet, John-John, Cocoy and other men of the Sycamore Division played in the championship game in basketball. It was an exciting game because they played in the open ground even if it was raining. Some of them fell in the grassy court because the ground was wet and slippery. They lost in the game.

The championship game...

The championship game...

@ the basketball court

@ the basketball court


In the said camp, I had my taste of triumphs and defeats.

(Let me continue this next time)


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