Of being generous

I was not a generous person.

Now, I am just trying to be one. That is why I’m grateful for people who are generous to share what they have. Somehow, they have influenced me to give. Though, honestly speaking, I am not as generous as other people.

My mama is a living example of generosity. I admire her for thinking other’s welfare before hers.

I also thank my papa for giving the best that he can.

Aries also took a part of his salary for me (I was still studying college then) when he was still the SK chairman in Banate. I appreciate him because if ever I would ask him a certain amount he would give without complain.

My principal, Ma’am Vinluan, also loves to share her blessings. In school, she gave us fruits, bread and even viand. His husband, Sir Vinluan, also loves to treat us for a videoke gathering.

Pastora Delia‘s faith in giving tithes also encourages me to give what belongs to the Lord.

Karina is spending money for giving gifts to her friends, family members and others. She also willingly gives ideas or pieces of advice on a certain issue whenever I ask her for it.

Madam Luy is very generous in listening my long and boredom stories. She is ready to offer a helping hand.

Tepen reminds me to bring “pasalubong” if ever I will go home. He does it by setting an example.

Helen always invites me to eat whenever she is eating or when I have not yet eaten.

They are just some of the people who have shown me that there is joy in giving. I want to practice their postive attitude in sharing one’s blesssings!

Thank you for your generosity!


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