A few-minute conversation with Madam Luy

I went to the Convenience Store, near Rizal Park to buy some food, after I attended the meeting of all core group leaders in our church. Outside the store, I saw Kuya Ralph, husband of Madam Luy. I asked him about Madam Luy. He said she’s inside.

As I entered the store, I looked for Madam. It’s almost a year since we’ve not seen each other. In the store, I saw her first. Then, I surprised her by saying, “Hi, madam!” with my hands waving (as if I was attending a beauty contest). Of course, I smiled also.She smiled, too.

Madam was bringing with her a half gallon (or was it a gallon) of ice-cream and…. I forgot the others. While she was paying at the counter, she said, “Payat gihapon ka Che_anne.” Hehehe… I just smiled. She told me to add her as a friend in facebook. I answered that I had already invited her…that the moment I read her message in my friendster account telling me to open one in facebook, I immediately signed up. She was not able to receive the invitation. So, I told her that I would really check it afterwards. That’s why I’m really here in the internet cafe now.

Madam also shared that her son and daughter were busy making cards for her because tomorrow is Mother’s Day. So, as her contribution, she bought food for them. Wow! It is nice to hear that…Mothers are really thinking of their children’ s welfare. I remember my mother also now. She’s also like that. Maybe, all mothers are like that or if not all, almost every mother.

Before I forget, there were also images (somewhat like tattoos on her left shoulder because of the “colorful stamp pads” that her children did).  Madam also told me about it.

I accompanied Madam in going out from the store. She asked me if I would stay forever in the workplace where I am now. I said, “Yes madam. Wala pa man kaayo na sa akoa ang mu-abroad madam uy.” She asked me how old I am now. Then I told her my age.Then, she rode on the motorcycle with Kuya Ralph as the driver.

Now, I’m just pondering why is it that Madam asked me about such question.


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