With Windows Multipoint…Ganito kami sa JRAES

The other night I browsed in the net about “Windows Multipoint”. I wanted to update myself about it since our school (Jolencio R. Alberca ES or JRAES)l is a pilot one here in Mindanao. I found a blog there of the Worldwide Director  of the Primary/Secondary Teacher Programs of the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Group. She is Ma’am Tracy Immel. It caught my attention since she was able to visit our school last December. Imagine! She flew from USA to the Philippines just to conduct a study about this new project. Here in the Philippines, it is popularized as “Windows Turu-turo”.

As I opened this site, http://blogs.technet.com/unlimitedpotential/    , I went over the pictures and the articles. One picture there was of my Grade VI pupils who were wearing a school uniform. The title of the article is this, “Affordable Computing Alternatives to Transform Classroom Education“.  Below the picture of my pupils, I clicked “watch a video”. I was so excited to watch it because I was interviewed about the Windows Multipoint during Ma’am Tracy’s visit. And….I really saw myself in the video. Hehehe… That time I felt I was an arist. I watched it again…then again..then again.. I saw in the video Ma’am Vinluan (our principal), Sir Gomez (Digos City Superintendent), Ma’am Misner , Fr. Jomar Legaspi (Learn.ph President) Henrich (one of my pupils) and his mother, etc…

I texted Ate Ann, my co-teacher about it. I also informed our pricipal. They too were so excited to watch the video.

You may watch the video for yourself and discover how  multiple students do share a single PC using multiple mice.


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