Mixed Emotions

I’m sleepy but I’m still here at the net cafe just to upload the log files of the mighty mice folder. This is in line of the Multipoint project.

Hmmmmm..I’m also watching Boys over flowers through youtube. Go go, Jan Di!

In one of the episodes, Jun pyo got jealous when he saw that Je-ho and Jan Di kissed each other. He was really jealous that he came to a point that if Je-ho would say anything he would kill him. Oh! He was so jealous!

Speaking of jealousy, I can understand how someone gets jealous. It’s never been easy to be in a situation when the one that you’ve chosen to love, loved another. Yet, time comes that I get over it (but not totally). Hopefully, Jun-pyo will get over also the said situation. Though mine is not painful as his’.

I think, Karina is right when she texted me that  I must not get jealous. To be exact, Karina sent me an SMS… “Dont get jealous. i know its hard. But you can only feel better if you would accept that he is not into you. Dont feel bad about yourself, nothing is wrong with you. Love just doesn’t rest in the person’s heart. You deserve someone better. Ok?”

Oh, even the thought that “he’s not into me” pinched my heart. I am still hoping that it’s not that way. I’m still hoping that “that someone better” is still my love. How pathetic!

I’m still praying to God that in due time I will understand why I have to go through this.


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