Ferreti shoes and Mentos

If you are familiar with the advertisement of the mentos candy before (1994), I believe that by the title alone you have already an idea of what had happened to me.

Last Saturday, I went to Davao to enroll at USEP. After I got the temporary copy of registration from the dean’s office, I dedided to go to Gaisano Mall. There were shoes and sandals on sale at the Ferretti stall. It took me half an hour to buy one. I was able to choose an apricott shoes, with an inch-heel, which costs P 99.00 only. Its original price is P 700 plus.

I wore the shoes on Monday. I really loved it since I could carry myself with an elegant posture. On Tuesday afternoon at around 4:30, I got out from the car of my co-teacher Maám Tess  near the Post Office. From there, I walked up to Sacred Heart Avenue. But alas! When I was in front of the Lingo Computer Services, the right heel of my sandal was left on the cemented pavement. I looked around. Nobody noticed it. There were only few people and tricycles along the way because the drainage along Sacred Heart Avenue was under repair. I was hesitant to get the “”black heel”” because a tricycle was about to pass along the way. Yet, with a poise, I decided that I had to pick it up.

I walked (just few meters away) to the photocopying service for I had to reproduce some materials for my class the next day. There, I was so anxious. I was thinking of pulling the heel of my left pair of my shoes. But, I was not successful in doing so.

I stayed at Smart Click and browsed the net. I went home when it was twilight. I intentionally did it so that others may not notice my shoes. Heheheh….

If you haven’t seen the mentos ad which is somehow related to this. Check it out at Youtube (The Freshmaker-Mentos 1994).

By the way, I still love to buy Ferretti footwears.


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