Because of My Wallet

I went to the house of Ate Mary, mother of Mary Claire Via (my classmate in high school) at 10:00 o’clock this morning.  I brought there  my two sets of new uniform.

From there, I rode in a tricycle going to the bus terminal. When I reached there, I found out that I left my wallet  at home. I was grateful that I was not able to ride in a bus when I found it out.  I went back at Aurora-Corregidor St. I decided not to go to Davao anymore. Instead, I opted to stay here at Cor Jesu College and research on possible topics for my thesis writing.


I think it’s not a coincident that I left my wallet at home.  Because of it, I can save more money.  I can still research here. I can take a rest. I can also prepare visual aids in Filipino V for my class next week.

I will just go to Davao next week or on July 1 if it is declared as a local holiday.

I have to ask wisdom from God, too,on who should be my adviser in my thesis writing.


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