Just when I Needed It the Most

I turned on my laptop yesterday  morning when I arrived in school. I intentionally brought it because two nights ago, only a blue screen would appear on screen.

Last week, we were still able to use my laptop. Laudy borrowed it last Friday and promised to return it on Sunday afternoon. There were video clips there that she used for the prayer and fasting of the Foursquare Youth in Banate.

Laudy kept her promise. So, Vyjane turned on the laptop on Sunday night when we arrived from the market. Only “Welcome …Windows Vista” would appear. Then, few minutes later, all we saw was a blue screen.

Yesterday afternoon, I brought my laptop at the CJC Computer Laboratory. I asked assistance from Sir Sergio Tecson. He opened it. He told me to prepare the installers. He told me that he would ask the technician to examine it. I asked how much I would pay. He said none. Hopefully, I will not really pay.

I passed by at the parsonage this morning because my installers were borrowed by Nenen when they had to reformat their computer. When I reached there, Rev. Bohol was eating breakfast and James was doing a household chore. I looked for Lester since Nenen told me to ask Lester about the installers. Lester handed to me my CD’s and some of theirs. Then, I went to school.

Few hours ago, I went again to the computer laboratory. The laptop was not yet repaired.


My laptop collapsed just when I needed it the most. Yesterday, I had to use it in my Educational Technology class at CJC.

I have to outline my proposal in thesis writing.

I planned to save my files from the hard disk to a flash drive.

My sister Vyjane has to report about “Webpage” in her class tomorrow.

On top of these all, I realize that it’s not the laptop that really matters but it’s my attitude on how I handled each situation.

In real life, there are really times that what you treasure vanished just when you needed it the most.

Indeed, my Creator is still molding me.


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