Rachel and Leah

Rachel and Leah are sisters. They are the wives of Jacob. I’ve been reflecting about their lives for a couple of weeks already.

I learned about them when I was in high school. I knew the story of Jacob when I was in elementary. I knew even before that Rachel was really loved by Jacob and that she gave birth to Joseph and Benjamin. I only knew Leah as the unfortunate one…the one who was really longing for the love of his husband. Yet, today, I’m viewing their lives in a different perspective.

I pitied Rachel and Leah in some ways. Yet, they are giving me lessons to reflect upon.

Rachel’s life reminds me that you cannot have it all. You cannot get everything that you want.

On the other hand, Leah shows an example that no matter what the circumstances are, one can still praise the Lord. Imagine her life! She was longing to be loved by his husband. She expected that his husband would love him if she would give birth.  Yet, things did not happen as she desired. She named his fourth son “Judah” which means  “Now, I will praise the Lord”. Even if she was rejected, she praised God. Wow! What a good attitude.


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