On July 1st

On Araw ng Davao del Sur

July 1st is Araw ng Davao del Sur. No class. We, teachers from Digos Oriental District, were required to stay in front of Jack’s Bakery. We were also told to witness the celebration @ the Provincial Capitol, Matti, Digos City.

I obeyed the first command. I failed to go there @ the Provincial Capitol. Instead, I went to Rizal Avenue and watched the remaining participants of the “Tangguguan Festival” and of the motorcade.

I sent SMS to Vyjane that we would meet at Jollibee, DC Square. After taking a break, we went home.

In the midst of confusions

I was in doubt whether I would go to Davao or not. If I would go there, there’s no assurance that I would meet Dr. Gargar. After reflecting for few minutes, I decided to go to USEP.

I arrived at the terminal @ aroung 10:00 AM. There were so many passengers waiting for an airconditioned bus going to Davao. I was able to ride on the third bus that showed up that time. It was already past 11:00 AM.  Now, I remember that there was a foreigner who got angry when someone pushed him while trying to get inside the bus. Heheheh… I managed to get away from the scene. I was afraid.

The Man from Marilog

I arrived in Davao City at around 12:30. I ate at G-nok’s, a new food center near at the Ecoland terminal. After lunch, I rode on a jeep going to Claveria. At DBP, near San Pedro, I checked my ATM. I was so surprised that I had still a certain amount there more than what I expected. When I went out from the bank, a man with a back pack approached me. He’s in his early 50’s. He asked if there’s an available cash. I nodded and said, “O, naa manong. (Yes, there is Sir.)”  He requested me to help him in withdrawing money from his account. He thanked me for helping him. I asked him if where did he come from. He said that he’s from Marilog. 

I rode again on a jeep going to USEP. While I was inside the jeep, I remembered my innocence in using ATM way back in October 2004. Tepen withdrew money at the rear side of Victoria Plaza. I was so amazed with how that kind of technology works. I expressed myself in Bisaya, “Kuyawa noh!” , not knowing that there were people in the bank, beside it. I heard their chuckles. I was ashamed. I pitied myself that time. That’s why,because of that experience, I was challenged to use ATM card by myself.

I arrived at USEP at almost 1:00 PM. I went to the Learning Resource Center (LRC) I browsed again some dissertations and theses. Then, I went out and looked for Dr. Vasay. He had to check first the titles I was thinking of. He was not in his office so, I went to the school cafeteria and ate cassava cake and take two pouches of milk bar. Then, I went back again at LRC. One hour later, I went to the Dean’s office, he was not there yet. I waited. I asked Ma’am Letty if It would be okey that I would let Dr. Gargar chose one of the titles I formulated. She said, “No”.

True Love Waits

Ate Gay, my classmate in Graduate School, texted me that she would go to USEP. While waiting for her, I sat at the students’ lounge near the dean’s office. There, a man was telling a lady to wait for the right moment. He was giving an advice his friend about waiting for the one God has prepared for her. I was blessed by their conversation. I appreciated the man for being bold enough to share what is right.

On Thesis Writing

Ate Gay arrived after five minutes of waiting. We talked to Sir Gargar. Dr. Gargar recommended one title from Ate Gay’s list. On the other hand, He turned down mine. He said that my first title now is limited to one school. The second title is about ICT, which for him is not well-polished yet. He told me to avail the CHED scholarship and looked for their research agenda.

Ate Gay and me went to the  Internet Cafe. She helped me in looking for a possible title. We browsed the net about CHED. We found out that full-time faculty of a college or university may apply for the scholarship that dr. Gargar had mentioned.

We bade goodbye at almost 6:00 PM.

I went to Ecoland terminal and rode on a Metro Shuttle bus.

Now, it’s 9:30 PM. I’m here at the Internet Cafe and blogging my thoughts.


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