Tracer Study & Dysmennorhea

I’m here at the Virtual Library of USEP. It’s 2:15 PM. Beside me is Aireen Sawanaka. She’s my classmate in Research Methods and Statistics in 2007. Now, we’re browsing about a tracer study.

20 minutes ago…

“Sir, unsa nang tracer study?” I asked Dr. Dennis Alonzo about it. He told me to research and found out what it is. By the way, Dr. Alonzo is the program head of MAST-Bio here at USEP.  He is my adviser in thesis writing.

I thank God that I finally found my adviser. Hehehe…

I intentionally approached Dr. Alonzo before going back again to Dr. Gargar because I was confused then of what would be my title.Well, it didn’t take me long to ask Dr. Alonzo of what would be my study. He told us (Aireen and I)  to be back on July 18, 2009.

At least, I am now in the right track. I am now having a clear focus of what will be my study.

1 hour ago…

I and Ate Gay stayed at the Learning Resource Center (LRC). She read the information that she gathered about ATEP. On the other hand, I browsed some of the theses there.

I had a dysmenorrhea. So, I went to the CR and crumpled in pain. Huhuhu…When I went out from the cubicle, about four ladies were already falling in line. Hehehe…


2 thoughts on “Tracer Study & Dysmennorhea

  1. hi. we would be conducting a tracer study in our school. if u dont mind, i wud like to ask help from u. thank u!

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