What Worship is Not

Nenen gave an activity before she discussed the topic for tonight in Worship 101. She grouped the congregation into four. Each group was tasked to complete the phrase “I worship God because…”

One representative in each group read the “top 5″ of their list. Here are some of the answers…I worship God because of who He is, He is Almighty, He is omniscient, He is great…

Nenen talked about what worship is not. I learned that worship is not the song. Worship is not the music. It is not for you. It is not about you. It is  not just to feel good. It is not just done during praise and worship.

We may worship God 24/7. We may worship God even in everthing we do that please Him. You may open your Bible to the Book of I Corinthians 10:31. What does it say?


 Here is the flow of  the program tonight in Worship 101:

Call to Worship- Sarah del mundo

Opening Prayer- Jims Vincent Yee (Cocoy)       

Praise and Worship-Sarah

Words of Welcome- Joy Grande

Offering- Ate Maricel Apo

Testimony- Ate Genevieve Famor

Message-Maschil G. Bohol (Nenen)

Praise and Worship- Nenen

Closing Prayer- Mitchelle B. Famor



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