He’s Not Into Me

Exactly two weeks ago, I dreamed of a man. In front of the altar in the church, we were holding our hands. My right palm was opened upside down while his left palm was holding it. At first, we grasped each other as tight as we could. Then, I observed that we were drifting away from each other.

Was it again a reminder of letting go? But, why?

Just a while back, I knew the answer.

I have to accept the fact that he’s not into me. Karina is right. Last April, she sent me an SMS…” Don’t get jealous. I know it’s hard. But you can only feel better if you would accept that he’s not into you. Don’t feel bad about yourself, nothing is wrong with you. Love just doesn’t rest in the person’s heart. You deserve someone better. Ok?”


2 thoughts on “He’s Not Into Me

  1. wala pa nimo na gi delete? hahaha

    overheard during a children’s party. They’re talking about a lady named Karina but it was not me. Ngano daw wala daw uyab ug wala daw naminyo hangtod karon. “The right man will come along…” nag chorus ang mga tiguwang sa akong likod. 🙂

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