On DepEd Night

It was one of the unforgettable nights I had. I joined the production number of the DepeEd Night last September 2, 2009. I was a one of the models of the “Fashion Guro”. I think there were more or less thirty among us who participated in the said presentation.

I wore a long black dress. It was sleeveless. It had glitters, too. I walked like a model at the newly-created stage of Rizal Park, Digos City. I danced “Nobody, nobody but you!” Hahaha! What an experience. Of course, I did it with my fellow models.


Here are some of the text messages I received…

Hi bagoy! Emem here. Saw u on tv! Whew! hehe (Emily)

Hi, che.u na jud and mofel! preti au u! (Mam Analyn)

Congrats! Model na d i u! (Janice)

Others told me personally about their comments.

Sa mga fans ko, Salamat! Daghang Salamat! Heheheh!

By the way, I would like to thank the following:

* Bryan Baña for my hair and make-up. Thanks Bry!

* Clarissa, my cousin- for the silver sandal

*Aileen-the wife of my cousin Kuya Jojo for my dress and other jewelry

* Ma’am Tess- for the bracelet and ring of Xyza

*Ma’am Vinluan-for recommending me to be a part of it

*My family-for the moral support


Hehehe…Feeling artista…


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