Happy World Teachers’ Day!

Hehehe..I must have posted this message last October 5th.

For Oct. 5, 2009—-For all the teachers, HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY!

In our school, we had a one-day celebration of this momentous occasion. The Supreme Student Government led by Shema May Bangcas, a grade six pupil, prepared a program for us, teachers.

JRAES teachers

JRAES teachers

In the morning, each class had a presentation- dance, song, poem. After each class presentation, each teacher was told to sit on the wooden chair situated at the center of the stage. A student gave his/her tribute to his/her teacher. Then, the students gave flowers to their teachers.

Brenlyn was the one who gave a tribute to me. She thanked me for the things that I’ve shared to them.

I received letters from Shema, Brenlyn and Bea. I also received a bouquet of roses from Paul (grade V pupil) and Elaine (Grade VI pupil). I was so grateful, too to accept the bunch of bananas from Ainess.

All of the teachers ate lunch at our “all-around room”. It’s “all-around” because it’s where our canteen is located. It is where we hold our meetings. It is where we place our kitchen utensils. It is also the place where we place some books and other instructional materials.

In the afternoon, we had fun games. All the teachers including our principal played parlor games in the stage. The SSG officers facilitated the games. I won once only.Heheheh…

"Trip to Jerusalem"

"Trip to Jerusalem"

"Paper Dance"

"Paper Dance"


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