Stubborn Love

It’s a gloomy day. It is as if the day has sensed what I am going through right now.

Last night, I shed tears again…tears of pain. I’ve been in this emotional struggle before and here I am again going into this kind of struggle once more. Oh! How long shall I pass this way again?

People may look at me as strong but I am not. I’m vulnerable. I’m such a fool loving someone who doesn’t love me.

How stubborn is my love for him. I don’t know how to escape from this trap. The key is within me but I don’t know how to use it. I did a lot of prayers already. But I think, it’s my hardheadedness that makes it so difficult to accept that he’s  not into me…that he doesn’t love me.

His presence makes me glad. His absence makes my love grow fonder. Foolishness!

I had so many attempts to forget him…to let him go…to make him a part of my past…but how obstinate my heart is. It keeps on beating for him.

How stubborn is my love…How can I let him go? Help! Anyone?


3 thoughts on “Stubborn Love

  1. You are not alone. I know a lot of people who are struggling in “love department”. And you may be right…. your hardheadedness is also your weakness. Its crippling effect has a great impact on your personal judgment and ability to be objective. If the person is not into you… it is easy to say “just forget him”. It is easier said than done. Our heart has a mind of it’s own and unless you are able to teach your heart to listen to your mind, you are forever a slave. No one can help you but yourself… that’s the sad truth. But on the hindsight, that love keeps you living… hoping… and wanting… some basic proofs that you are alive.

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