SMS on my 26th Birthday

Below are the text messages I received as of 11:03 AM. To all of you, daghang salamat!

Hapi bday ate chean.mwah. 11:59 PM-Nov. 27, 2009 (I don’t know who sent this.)

Happy birthday che-an! Mzz u njud. Hope 2 c u soon. Lucyll, 5:22 AM, Nov. 28, 2009

Utang usa aqa bday gift sau ha..Isip usa ko sumtin unique..heheheh. Lucyll 5:24 AM

hapi bday! unsay handa? heheeh kysa pg-anha namo. (Janice) 5:31 AM

hai ma’am’ good morning..HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 u! 🙂 mwwwaahuggz (Ate Maricel Nonol) 5:41 AM

Happy birthday, manag. u (Laudy) 6:51 AM

Nize mawning dah. Happy Birthday. Aha man ta krn. heheeheh, btaw I Know God wl olwez bless u coz bait man kaw. Love you. (Real) 6:54 AM

Hapy bday mam. (Loujohn Bejona- my student before) 7:18 AM

Hapi hapi bday bagoy. may God bless you not only today but always. u. (Karina) 8:23 AM

Happy birthday diay che! ha ha (Ma’am Vinluan) 9:58 AM

Here are the other text messages I received:

Hai! Mam happy B-DAY…Unza handa nmo mam? geraldn diay Ni..

Hapy birthday mam che. angel ni.

Hi? mam happy b-day…,

neslene n mama.onsa imng handa mam..pkan-a k mam b?

Gud eve. Che hapi2 bday. may God’s perfect will be fulfild n ur lyf. Mor of Gods wondrful blessings wil be upon u. —Ptra. Delia G. Bohol 9:17 PM

Happy happy bday te bagz…hi3..GOD BLESS..Enjoy ur day..–Rissa Appo9:17 PM

Hapi bday. God bless. –Cocoy Yee 9:15 PM

Mam! Hi! Nenen ni. Api 25th burtday! Tama ko? Hehe..God bles u mor! Contnue 2 b a blessing ..Hav fun 4 d rest of d day! —Maschil Bohol,9:23 PM

gd eve teh! hpi bday!jejeje..janine..11:53 PM

aung buntag maam.., happy birthday d i.., 9:43 AM, Nov. 29

Belate hapi bday che. Sowee nalate..–Gervs


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