Deeply Touched

I was giving a quiz in English class yesterday when I felt an abdominal pain due to menstruation. I tried to hide what I felt because I didn’t like the idea that my students would see me crying. Almost fifteen minutes passed, I couldn’t bear the pain anymore. Thus, I burst into tears.

The silence in the room was deafening. I was lying on the five chairs that were being placed side by side.

I was deeply touched when Brenlyn together with her classmates  Pearly and Angel [I forgot the other one] handed to me a cellophane with “Luba capsules.” She was catching her breath and was sweating when she told me to take the herbal capsules.

When I was in deep pain, I did not know that four girls in my class went to the house of Brenlyn. They ran almost two kilometers just to take the medicine for me.

I was deeply touched.


2 thoughts on “Deeply Touched

  1. I was touched too. As a teacher we really can’t imagine what impact we have on our students and just the same we can’t imagine how simple things they do can make a great impact on our lives.

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