Just for Today…

I’m suffering from a severe headache now. It is a result of skipping breakfast this day. It’s not because I did not like to eat. It’s because I did not have time to cook and eat this morning.

I went to Davao City with Tepen to see my adviser in thesis writing. We have to arrive there early because I have also to attend the practice for graduation in our school.

I talked to my adviser. Sir Dennis gave some instructions on how to polish my work.

I and Tepen ate lunch at Blue Carabao. Then, we went back to Digos. By the way, we went to Davao using his father’s motorcycle.

Just a reminder…I am the grade VI teacher so I must be there at 1:00 PM.Well, I was late for 30 minutes. I was grateful because my principal was not yet in school when I arrived there.

Ma’am Jo, my co-teacher, was able to facilitate in the rehearsal. She’s assigned in teaching the songs and sequence of  the candidates for graduation.

Ma’am Vinluan, Ma’am Franz and Sir Lyndon were also present during this afternoon’s practice.

Hmmm…maybe I’m just stressed  with the different activities for today that’s why I am having severe headache…or maybe it’s because also of the nights when I had not enough sleep…or maybe, the most possible reason is the one I mentioned a while ago…


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