Some Experiences on Thesis Writing

* I’m printing the edited paper now. It has to be checked by a grammarian.

* My adviser sent me SMS this morning that he already checked the paper I sent to him yesterday through e-mail.

* I did not sleep the other night because of I had to revise the paper that was checked by my adviser last Saturday.

*Tepen & me went again to Davao last Saturday because my adviser had to see my paper again.

* My adviser & me met at Bo’s coffee shop, Torres St., Davao City. Joan, who is also conducting a tracer study, went there ahead of me. Joan arrived there @ 4:00 PM, which was really the schedule. I arrived there @ 4:45 PM.

* My final defense was scheduled last March 31, 2010. Tepen & me left Digos @ 1:00 PM. The defense schedule was 3:00 PM.

After the final defense...

* After the defense, Tepen & me went to Diaz mall ,near UM Bolton. Doon ko kasi ipa-bind ang paper ko kung tapos na.


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