2010 at a glance…

January– I experienced a severe dysmenorrhea.

– Church Retreat @ Vonzana Resort

February– I  was chosen as one of the Ten Most Innovative Teachers by the Microsoft Philippines.

March- I defended my thesis entitled “Employability of BEED Graduates: A Tracer Study.”

April – 15 Family Outing in Davao City

– 16  Graduation (Graduate Studies)

– 17  Multipoint Demonstration @ ADB, Ortigas City

I stayed at Legend Villas.

May- I served in the first automated elections in the Philippines. I managed to on how to use the PCOS machine.

June- Opening of Classes for School Year 2010-2011

July – My love’s 30th birthday


September- Church Thanksgiving

October-I received the engagement ring. It is a silver sing from Filgrenasia Jewelry.

November- 14 Panuhod

16 Pamamanhikan- Ptr. Bohol, Ptra. Bohol, Kuya Bador, Tepen, Tanil and Lester went to Banate.

28- My 27th birthday

December- 3 I was the coach of the contestants who won the  first place (Balagtasan) in the Regional Comartsfest in Filipino.

– 5 Ma’am Vinluan passed away.

-16 Burial of our beloved Ma’am Vinluan




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