My Wedding Gown

I have already decided what my wedding gown is.

I don’t know how to describe it.



2 thoughts on “My Wedding Gown

  1. congratulations!

    nwyz, i had problems with my gown’s fit on our wedding day since my matrons wouldn’t have me fit it before the date… which resulted to my tantrums on that very day & an hour of tardiness.

    so, if you could manage to have it fitted… please do.

    i debated about fitting my gown too but ended up obeying them out of respect. good thing we had our wedding at our local church so they were considerate about my tardiness.
    other churches/venues won’t tolerate it though.

    nwyz, congratulations again on your wedding!

  2. Thank you ligaya!

    Our wedding will be held @ Digos City Foursquare Gospel Church. The reception will be @ the church ground.

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