On Valentine’s Day 2011

On Valentine’s Day, I attended the burial of my late Tiyo Ruben. A mass was held at Bansalan Church at 1:00 PM before he was buried at the Bansalan Municipal Cemetery. His real name is Eduardo Billiones, Sr.  He is the husband of my Tiya Leny. Tiya Leny is a sister of my mother

Mama, Papa, Laudy, Vjane and me went back to Rizal, Bansalan (the place where my mother used to live). We visited the home of my late Lolo Doro and Lola Tonya.

My Mama and Papa in front of my Granparents' Home

The house has changed.  The kitchen in the second floor  is already dilapidated. There is a room below the house already and a new kitchen is built in the ground floor.


I reminisce the memories here while sitting at the stairs


Tiya Alice, my mother’s sister, who’s living in the aforementioned home gave us a sack of unripe banana before we left. We rode on a multicab that was driven by Uncle Taben. We arrived in Digos at around 4:00 PM.  Mama, Papa and Laudy went directly to the Digos City Terminal because they had to go back to Banate.

At 6:30 PM, my love Tepen arrived He gave me a stuff toy. Heheheh..I love it because Winnie the Pooh is my favorite cartoon character.

Tepen and I together with his junior sales person Jay, my sisters Laudy and Vyjane ate dinner at Penong’s, San Jose Highway, Digos City. We waited there for an hour before the food were served because there were many customers, too.

Tepen and I spent almost an hour at Rizal Park. We watched a movie there. I loved the ambiance that night. There were many young people who just sat on the ground while watching the movie.


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