Wedding Preparation


For two weeks, I’ve been searching for a royal blue sandal.  I looked for it  at Gaisano  Mall, Gaisano Ilustre, NCCC Uyanguren and SM.

Last Saturday, I was able to find three  royal blue sandals. The first pair did not fit my size. The second has no back strap. The third one has a back strap. I was not able to buy last week because I did not have money for it.

Last night Tepen went to SM Davao. We bought my sandals at SM. It costs almost a thousand pesos. Hmm..Tepen paid for it.


This morning, I followed-up my make up artist Yahyah Cervantes. He is working at Enhanced Salon and Wedding Shop.  I asked him what time the “make-up session” will start. He said by 4:00 AM so that we will not be late for the 8:00 o’clock wedding ceremony.


I have not seen my wedding gown yet. Why? Wala pa natahi..Hehehehe..I know Ate Analyn will take care of it.


We have not yet printed the final invitation card. This week is our schedule for it. Tepen and I went to GH depot yesterday, unfortunately the royal blue paper was out of stock. Its brand name is Venice. I like the paper because it is metallic.  Then, this morning, I went to NCCC Mall to buy Nature Prints white paper. It is also out of stock.


4 thoughts on “Wedding Preparation

  1. 4am jud!

    anywayz, try your gown earlier…
    i wasn’t allowed 😦 to wear it until much later… which is around 7am… which resulted to a prob leading to an hour of tardiness…

    when’s the big day?

    Best wishes

  2. congratulations manang! best wishes. may you experience enormous bliss as a married and fulfilled woman. God bless you and your new family.

  3. at last, i finally found you!
    how’s my dearest friend cherie?
    i miss you and congratulations!
    keep in touch, add me in facebook, or shall i add you instead? whichever, God bless and have a happy family =)

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