My Bridal Shower

Karina organized a bridal shower for me. It was held at San Vali Resort, Digos City  on April 2nd, this year.

When I arrived at the venue, the cottage was already decorated with colorful balloons. Spaghetti, cake, loaf bread and junk foods were on the table. Dyan, Ritchelle (Buko), Retzelyn, Emmylou, Karina, Ate Edna, Ma’am Tess and Ma’am Alice were already there, too.

Karina placed a pink veil on my head as I entered the cottage. Then, Ma’am Alice designed a gown with the use of  a tissue paper. She put it  around my body.

The first game was “How Much Do You Know Him?” All of the questions were about Stephen (Tepen), my husband now. Everytime I answered correctly, they gave me one piece of Chocolate. If I answered the wrong one, I had to open a condom and blew it like a balloon or place the condom in an eggplant. ‘Twas full of fun. I realized I had so many things to discover about Tepen.

The other game was a charade. Two groups were formed. A member of the group had to act out what was written in a sheet of paper. Her group mates had to guess what sexual position was it. Almost all of us were not familiar with those names.

We had a fellowship. We ate those foods on the table. Well, while the activities were going on, we were already eating.

They also gave gifts to me. I opened each gift.

To all of you who participated in my bridal shower, thank you so much. I was sooooooo happy that time. I felt honored. Thank you so much Kar! 🙂


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