In moments like these

When Shiro is in sickness, when he is not feeling well, when his fever is coming again…I am worried. 

When he did not eat dinner last Tuesday, I was worried. When his temperature was 38.8, I even got more worried. 

When I was alarmed that he had lost his appetite, I chose not to go to school the next day. I monitored his condition.

I felt relief when his fever was gone last Thursday but worried again when it came back yesterday afternoon. 

We visited Dr. Frimm Sally Cagas-Baña for a check-up. She advised us for a laboratory test in Shiro’s CBC.So, we went to Gonzales-Maranan Hospital because it is near to Dr. Baña’s clinic.

 I took a deep breath and asked the Lord’s favor—Shiro’s platelet will be normal. After an hour, when I saw my husband with a pink paper in his hand, I felt so nervous. It was as if the world would stop moving. I knew it was the result. Praise God! Shiro’s platelet is 262 and is normal. 

In times like these, I felt so worried but I kept on reminding myself with a passage in the passage in the Bible..”Be anxious about nothing but in everything with prayer and petition, let your request be made known to God.”



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