On Interview and Promotion

I was so happy the other day when I received a text message from the division office that the interview for the Master Teacher (MT) position would be this day, October 31, 2014 from 8:00 AM-12:00 NN. Few seconds later, I also felt anxious..or shall I rather say nervous…

I submitted my pertinent papers last September 1. From then on, I was constantly visiting the division office, (once a week) to update myself for the schedule of the interview.

I arrived at the MC Hall, Digos City Division at 7:50 AM this day. I did not recognize those who were already there. I asked what position did they aim for. I learned that they were applying for an administrative assistant.

Few minutes later, applicants for MT arrived: Mrs. Fortun, Mrs. Morimoto, Mrs. Binoya, Mrs. Peñas and the other one whom I forgot. They are teachers of Digos City Central Elementary School. Mrs. Poncardas of Colorado Elem. School also came. There were also two who were applying for Principal I: Mrs. Merilyn Salboro and Mrs. Evangeline Hernan.

Applicants for AA’s were interviewed first.

We were all given a written exam. For us (MT), we were told by Ms. Oliva P. Miranda to write about this “My Promise to Children: K to 12 Curriculum”.

We were given 30 minutes to write in one sheet of bond paper (no scratch paper was given). I reflected for few minutes before I started to write. Mine was a feature article. I wrote a letter addressed to students. I was not able to finish it because Ms. Miranda already approached me to pass it. I was not able to write the closing and the signature.

During the interview, I was being told by Ms. Miranda to introduce myself. The second question was why should the superintendent hire me and the last was if I am handling an advisory class.

Thank you Lord. It was over. I entrust into Your hands my promotion.


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