A Longing Fulfilled

A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul.

It’s printed in my notebook way back in high school. I can’t forget the thought but I can’t remember in what particular verse can it be found. Thanks to the internet technology. By just encoding those words, the verse appeared. It can be seen in Proverbs 13:19.

I have been longing to be promoted to Master Teacher I. That desire started in 2010 when my previous school principal, the late Mrs. Vinluan and my district supervisor told me to apply the vacant position that year.

I submitted my pertinent papers. An interview was scheduled in February but it was postponed. There was an interview conducted in May 2011 but I was not informed. I cried. I already tried to apply, about four times I think, but I failed.

This year, I tried again. Then, last November 18 at 4:50 P.M. Mr. Damo called me up and nformed me that I will be reaping the fruits of my labor. He instructed me to go to the Schools Division Office the next day. I inquired and I did what were required.

Last Wednesday, December 10,  I signed my appointment. The effectivity of which is December 12. Glory be to God! I am so happy.

Indeed, a longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul.

(edited: December 13, 2014)


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