A Simple Celebration of Christmas

I, Tepen and Shiro spent our Christmas in Banate. We rode in a Yellow Bus in going there on the 24th day of December. Mama was not yet there when we arrived because she was admitted in the hospital in the 22nd due to tonsillitis. She was discharged at Sunga Hospital late that afternoon.

Laudy prepared tinolang manok for dinner. Tepen cooked the adobong manok. We also grilled barbecue- which Shiro liked a lot. He even helped in grilling.

After dinner, Laudy prepared spaghetti. I slept at aound 10:30 PM. I missed the noise of the firecrackers and fireworks.

On the 25th, we hiked going to the farm of my late Lolo Soping and Lola Inday. Only Vjane did not go with us. We took a rest on the “purok” where the tombs of my grandparents, uncle and cousin were placed.

Tepen climbed on coconut trees and picked out coconut fruits.

We had chit-chatting about the past experiences which made us laughed.


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