On New Year’s Eve

We, the Bohol family, had a dinner together at the parsonage on New Year’s Eve. Afterwhich, we gathered at the church’s office for the Family Devotion.

Specifically, let me enumerate the people who were present: Papa Dario, Mama Delia, Ya Jerome, Ate Bebe, Caloy, Tepen, I, Shiro, Lester, Janelle, Gabee, Jing-jing, Nenen, Reggie (Nenen’s boyfriend), Ninang Benny (mother of Janelle), Kuya Jojo Quisil and his wife Ate Inday.

In the devotion, Janelle led songs of praise and worship to God. Ya Jojo led the opening prayer. Papa Dario shared the Word of God which was taken from the Book of Samuel, I forgot the specific verse. What I can remember is David was being mentioned and that as a family we should not doubt our family members (dili ta magduda sa isa’t isa). If someone is in need, help that brother or sister. Dili ta maka-ako na ang atong igsoon naglisud ug pasagda lang. That’s the gist of the message.

Each one of us shared our life’s testimonies and future plans. Then, we prayed for each other.

There was a raffle. Our names were written in a small piece of paper. Mama picked one paper at a time. Shiro got P 50.00. I got the jackpot- P 200.00. Yeheeeeeey! Tepen was given with a consolation prize- P 100.00. Papa Dario sponsored the said raffle.

We had burst of laughter during the raffle. So great! heheheeheh…

The men went out para magpabuto sa mga firecrackers that were bought from Padada. I just styaed inside the office.

Then, at past 12 AM, (January 1 na) we gathered at the church. Mama and Papa threw about P 3000 worth of five-peso and ten-peso coins. There were also chocolate- choco mucho, big bang, etc… Tepen and I got  around P700.00. It was so much fun! heheheeh..Feeling children!

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for this wonderful family. I am expecting the best to come this year 2015. I declare your blessings Oh God to this family. I declare also blessings to my family there in Banate.



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